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Engagement ako element pre úspešný chod organizácie

Nedávno mi jeden CEO tvrdil, že engagement nie je klúčový element pre chod organizácie, lebo pozná veľa top performerov, ktorí s firmou nie sú extrémne zviazaní, ale podávaju dobré výkony. Čiastočne má pravdu, dobré výsledky môžu dosahovat aj ľudia ktorí nie sú plne engaged. Keď som sa ho spýtal, či si myslí,že tie výkony by […]

Infographic: What Does An Engaged Organization Look Like?

To create an engaged organization, you need the energy of employees communicating, collaborating, building trust, and promoting shared values. That’s when magic happens! When those things are missing, the results can be tragic. View this infographic to see the difference between engaged and disengaged organizations.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) or Employee Disappointment. Increase your Organisation Performance through Employee Engagement

Last survey and findings published by Manpower sent a clear message to all organisations and to HR specifically. Your Millenials have clear expectations. Probably they are different to those you used to respond to recently. The question :“What is your EVP strategy?“ is more significant then ever before. Don’t spent your benefits budgets the way […]

Welcome in the Age of Employee Experience.

How many contracts between employee and organisation are you aware of? In any organisation there is definitely more than one. All above is more important than we realise in our daily routine. Transactional contract represents the typical relationship and generates employee satisfaction. Brand contract is so desperately wanted by many employers. Employee retention is a hot topic […]